Use the power of big data and analytics to make optimal energy management decisions.

Leading Disruption in Sustainability & Energy Management


To accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies by reducing the cost and complexity inherent in choosing the “right” sustainability projects. We quickly identify optimal solutions that have strong ROI, reduce GHG emissions, and improve the resilience of today’s organizations with critical ESG (environmental, social, governance) goals.


eDecisions analyzes multiple energy technology scenarios (including energy efficiency, energy production, and/or energy storage) and deliver optimized solutions based on your financial and environmental performance goals. By clearly identifying the pathways that advance clean energy investment decisions, we help reduce financing risk and facilitate project execution.


Mark Chidwick

Mark is the Founder and CEO of eDecisions. He is a serial entrepreneur and accomplished software developer with a passion for sustainable solutions and reducing environmental waste. As a skilled technology enabler, he brings logic to chaos and excels at finding gold in big data.

Robert Turner

Robert is a results-driven business development professional who loves connecting people to people, and people to solutions. In his role, Robert seeks to understand the challenges that building owners face as they explore disruptive change and integrate new solutions in the built environment

Colette Kenney

Colette is the Director - Strategic Development. With an insatiable curiosity about everything, she is a Jill-of-all-trades and energy transition visionary. A professional engineer with 20+ years in N. America's energy & utilities sector, she is passionate about accelerating the Race to Net Zero.


Energy Decisions, made simple.