About Us

A place to breathe.

Calgary is home.  Although it is known for oil and gas, it is also a progressive city supporting green living and nature.  It is an innovative city, always looking for the next wildcat pursuit and ready for the next boom.

Mark had an idea.  He saw the simple application of a single energy efficiency technology to a single building became very complex when he wanted to look at dozens of technologies and hundreds of buildings at the same time.  An idea was born.

For over 3 years Mark developed technology using big data analytics, artificial intelligence and his IT background to create eDecisions.  A platform which brings clarity to making the best decisions for your building portfolio.

Mark was introduced to Daniel and later Rob and Brett to round out the team.  The company has launched and is rapidly making the world a better place.

Our mission is to make energy positive.  

Mark Chidwick

Mark is the technology enabler. He bring logic to chaos. He makes big data digestable. He also makes his home in Bragg Creek and loves spending time at his cabin in Peachland.

Brett Wightman

Brett's focus is the operational and financial aspects for eDecisions. He keeps the pressure on to continually improve what we do as a team.

rob turner

Rob Turner

Rob's career have been the envy of many. He first built a successful career in golf. For his second dream career, he gets to work with Mark, Brett and Daniel. Rob is passionate about people, food and wine.

dc photo

Daniel Clarke

Daniel is always on. He is a great connector and enabler. Along with his passion for family, he has a soft spot for the environment in a world of oil and gas.

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